Things you need to know before dating a twin


Dating a twin is certainly an exciting thing to do, and sometimes confusing, especially when the twin you want to date has an identical twin. You definitely need to get your wits together and learn fast which twin is which. But the ultimate question is, if the twins are so identical, how can you really be sure which one you truly like, when they have the same face? How can you love a face that is also owned by another? Well, the heart is really a mysterious part of a person, but the heart loves whom it loves, and eventually, when you get to know the twins a little bit further, then you can easily distinguish which is you are dating, and which is the twin. However, there are things that you need to know before you go ahead and date a twin.

Realities about dating a twin

Twins have a bond that is hard to understand when you are not a twin yourself. When you have decided to date a twin you need to face the fact that the other twin will always be a close part of your date’s life. You cannot tear them apart, or if the relationship progresses, you need to live close by to the other twin.

As twins, both have unexplained connection to each other, and so when the twin you’re dating feels pain, the other can feel it too. You need to be very sensitive to their feelings. And they have the same birthday, so you better be ready to share the celebration with both twins and their family, and you have to forego any plans of getting your twin date alone on the birthday, because there is a very low chance that you get to whisk the twin away on special occasions.

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