Twin sisters who share their boyfriend


Twins are definitely a great sight to see, especially when they’re identical. It has been popularly known that twins have the same personalities, and have a bond that equals nothing else in the world. It is has been said that when one twin feels pain, the other feels it too. And when one twin is in trouble, the other twin knows it in the gut. When twin sisters are completely identical and shares everything, from clothes to cosmetics and every aspect of their lives are the same, it is not such a shocking revelation when the twins share the same boyfriend as well.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque

Anna and Lucy are identical twin from Perth who shares the same boyfriend named Ben Byrne and wants to marry the guy. However, threesome marriage is not legal, and so they plan to have a commitment ceremony instead. The gorgeous twins plans to have a baby with their boyfriend, but want to get pregnant at the same time. The twins are famous as the most identical twins in the world. They use the same surgeon, go on the same exact diet, and undergo the same exercise routine in order to maintain their impeccable resemblance.

Victoria and Amanda Hepperle

Victoria and Amanda Hepperle are non-identical twins who were born 30 minutes apart. The twins share the same boyfriend, Ian Diaz, and the three of them lives in Guttenberg, New Jersey. Both Ian and the twin’s parents are against their threesome relationship, but the three are happy with their arrangement. Ian and Victoria were together for four years before Victoria invited her twin sister to share in their relationship, but they never have threesome sex, just a threesome relationship. Though Amanda came late in Ian’s life, he loved the twin sisters equally in different ways.

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